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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who is TropicLink and what do you have to offer?
Answer: TropicLink is an online travel company offering hotels, tours and airport transportation in the Caribbean destinations. We also do offline business servicing groups and European tours.
Question: How long has TropicLink been in business?
Answer: TropicLink started as a airport transportation company in Jamaica serving Priceline and Travelocity back in 2003. See the About Us link for our history.
Question: What makes TropicLink different from other online sites?
Answer: We believe there are a number of reasons that make us stand out: 1) Our webite is user friendly and is easily to browse by using the top menu or search boxes located on each page. So a customer can browse an airport transfer in Aruba and then a tour in Jamaica and then a hotel in Puerto Plata by just clicking the top menu, 2) TropicLink is a US based company with its customer support located in the US to answer your questions, 3) After booking TropicLink makes sure that your reservations have been confirmed and will make any reservation changes, cancelations and special requests by calling our US help line. So there is no need to call the Caribbean for any of your booking arrangements, 4) TropicLink has airport and tour desks at many destinations to better service our customer needs, 5) Hotels and Vacation Packages are priced to be very competitive and offer special promotions no one else does such as free airport transfers and free highlight tours (see Jamaica Hotels) and 6) We find the lowest rates for our airport transfers and tours by selecting from a range of suppliers in each of our destinations.  
Question: Is TropicLink a bus company?
Answer: No, although we started out as a carrier TropicLink has grown into a destination management company (DMC) and hires many different transportation carriers to do the actual handling of our customers. We manage many different transportation services to get the best rates for our customers. So we can use one company for our airport transfers and another for our private transfers and another for a specific tour. This affords the best rates for our customers and you can see our lower prices.
Question: Does TropicLink offer flights?
Answer: Yes, we offer flights or flights with hotels (Vacation Packages). TropicLink is connected through an API to the Amadeus and Sabre GDS flight systems so that our customers will get the lowest rates available.
Question: Where does TropicLink get its hotel, tour and transportation rates?
Answer: Our rates are direct from the hotel supplier. We do not resell so you will get the lowest rates available.
Question: What is the difference between an Airport Transfer Company and a Taxi or Curbside Shuttle?
Answer: Airport transfer companies work from within the airport and are vetted by the airport. Airport taxis and other curbside independants work from outside the airport and are not screened by the airport (can be anyone). TropicLink's carriers are all airport transfer companies.
Question: What is the difference between Shared and Private airport transfers?
Answer: Airport transfer companies have 2 types of transfers - Shared or Private. Shared as the name implies is a shared ride with others departing within approximately a half hour as you in your direction of travel. Private is your own vehicle with driver. TropicLink offers both shared and private transfer options at most destinations. 
Question: How do airport transportation companies meet you at the airport?
Answer: There are 3 types of services to meet you at the airport - airport desk, meet & greet and curbside. The premier service is meeting at an airport desk because it is easily found and  after checkin the customer is escorted to the vehicle. Only airport transfer companies are allowed to have this service and are charged a desk fee by the airport. Meet & Greet is an airport agent meeting the customer somewhere inside the airport or right outside. The agent will be holding a sign. Curbside is the lowest of the 3 services where the customer meets outside the airport and flags down the vehicle or the driver is standing next to his parked vehicle. TropicLink has airport desks at all airports that allow them. You can find our airport desks at Montego Bay Airport, Punta Cana Airport, St. Thomas Airport, Grand Cayman Airport, St Lucia Airport and Antigua Airport. All our other airports are Meet & Greet with our designated airport agents.
Question: Where do your vehicles drop us off?
Answer: You are always dropped off in front of your hotel lobby.
Question: Do I have to confirm my arrival to the destination after I book?
Answer: Your voucher instructions will say that you must call our US number to confirm unless you receive a letter from our office saying you are confirmed. We review your reservation and if all information is complete we send you a letter saying we have all the information and you are confirmed.
Question: Do I have to confirm my departure pickup time?
Answer: Yes, you must call your bus carrier using the local number provided by your voucher 24 to 48 hours prior to when you leave your hotel to receive your pickup time. At some destinations we do provide your hotel pickup time but you still are required to reconfirm the time by calling the carrier. Most hotels will make this call for you if you provide them with the number on your voucher.
Question: What documents will I receive after I make my booking?
Answer: You will receive a receipt and a voucher providing you with airport directions and contact number for your carrier if needed.