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Choose Your Activities from San Juan Area Hotels

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5 activities from San Juan Area Hotels
Explore Old San Juan's culture & heritage and visit the largest rum distillary at Bicardi where you will enjoy a complimentaty cocktail & refreshments. Read More...

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85.03 1
Sail on a catamaran, snorkel, explore an uninhabited island, sunbathe and enjoy the Caribbean Sea. Professional instruction, lunch and drinks included. Read More...

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Take a kayak sunset tour into 1 of the 5 luminous lagoons in the world and when you brush your paddles or hands through the water, the plankton lights up. Read More...

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Explore Puerto Rico’s lush countryside on horseback! Depart San Juan and spend 2 hours traversing beautiful scenary. Your knowledgeable guide makes sure you have a wonderful experience. Read More...

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Enjoy this half-day trip to the El Yunque rainforest where your expert guide will help you discover nature trails, waterfalls, scenic views and the sub-tropical rainforest habitat of endangered wildlife. Read More...

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Zip Lines

When it comes to our zip-line adventures, it’s not just quality but quantity that matters.

It adds a lot of thrill and adventure to your Puerto Rico trip. Whether you strap in face-down in the clutches of The Beast and fly at 60 miles per hour over 4,000 feet or descend to the mouth of an underground river, our zip-lines provide an exhilarating thrill ride. Get the max out of the best Puerto Rico activities and attractions. So, are you ready?

Scuba Diving

Puerto Rico is “the Caribbean’s best-kept underwater secret.” Divers, welcome to an underwater world that spans the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Puerto Rico’s waters offer an incredible range of dive adventures! Try shore dives from San Juan, a trip to Mona Island —the Galápagos of the Caribbean—or an exploration of the dramatic La Parguera wall off the southern coast, which is over 20 miles long and reaches depths of 1,500 feet. Over 600 different species of fish, turtles, rays, and marine life await you beneath our waves.

EL Yunque/ ATV Tour

Puerto Rico’s magnificent rainforest is the only subtropical rainforest in the U.S. National Forest Service, which makes your Puerto Rico excursions even more exciting.

It’s also a playground for adventure seekers, with a full menu of Puerto Rico activities including hiking, caving, rappelling, ATV tours, horseback riding, and hang gliding and much more. An ATV tour through El Yunque is an exhilarating romp that includes a dip in a cool mountain stream. Or, hop on an amphibious vehicle trek through the mangrove forests of a private estate in San Juan.

When it comes to these Puerto Rico tours, the muddier the better!

Bike & Horseback Riding

How do you like your trails?

The rainforest will give you dirt tracks through lush landscapes; Vieques and Culebra offer leisurely Puerto Rico tours around pristine beachfront and tropical foliage; Old San Juan provides the scenic backdrop of its ancient fortifications; or you can discover your own path on your bike. Also, it’s hard to decide between horseback ridings on the beach, in the foothills of the rainforest, or on the pristine Vieques Island; either way, you enjoy breathtaking natural vistas and experience the smooth gait of Puerto Rico’s elegant Paso Fino horses.


There’s nothing quite like the gentle thrill of riding the wind currents over the canopy of El Yunque rainforest in a tandem hang glider.

Strap on, get a running start, and soar into the sky for the unparalleled sensation of free flight. Make sure to mention gliding on your Puerto Rico things to do list. All inclusive Puerto Rico tours are famous for such special adventure trips where you can enjoy with your friends and family. Feel close to nature and get the best out of it. Isn’t that exciting?

Rappelling / Caving / Waterfalls

Extreme adventurers will love gearing up and trekking, diving, leaping and scaling their way through the Toro Negro and El Yunque. If you’re willing to brave them, no other excursions match the adrenaline rush of these tours.

There’s something pure and magical about waterfalls, and Puerto Rico’s many falls don’t disappoint—especially when you get to dive beneath a wall of foamy water for a refreshing shower. Among the best on the island are La Mina in El Yunque, Doña Juana in Toro Negro, and Gozalandia in San Sebastián.


Like many other islands, Puerto Rico excursions offer kayak trips through mangrove lagoons and to shallow reefs perfect for snorkeling.

But very few places on Earth offer nocturnal kayak tours out to a bioluminescent lagoon – actually, make those two bioluminescent lagoons – including the most brilliant bioluminescent bay in the world on Vieques Island. This is a must in the Puerto Rico things to do list and among the most amazing Puerto Rico activities indeed.

Enjoy a Tour in Zip Lines

Find a perfect holiday and indulge yourself in some of the most interesting activities in Puerto Rico.

There are several things to do in Puerto Rico that would make your holiday a perfect one. Filled with cultural vigor and lots of adventurous activities, this place attracts everyone. Some of the most popular Puerto Rico activities include zip lines, scuba diving, EL Yunque, ATV tour, bike and horseback riding, gliding, rappelling, caving, and waterfalls, and kayaking.

Each of the Puerto Rico things-to-do will take you to a different world of adventure, thrill and enjoyment.