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Rich economy of Aruba

Aruba’s economy is always on boom as it has a large tourism industry. St Lucia travel information can be gathered by exploring this site where one can book different travel deals at great discounted price. Enjoy the Seaport Market Place, the Seaport Village Mall and the Port of Call Marketplace.


This place stands as one of the most temperate islands in the Caribbean. Enjoy your Aruba trip as it features a semi-arid climate.Temperatures vary little from 28 °C (82.4 °F) to mostly around 33°C, moderated by constant cooling influence of northeast trade winds from the Atlantic Ocean.

Yearly precipitation barely exceeds 400 mm (15.7 in). The difference between median day and night temperatures, and between summer and winter temperatures, is just 3.6°. The rainfall occurs mainly in short showers during November and December.

Geography Information About Aruba

The island’s population is about 89,000. Aruba’s terrain is mostly flat with a few hills.There is little in the way of vegetation or outstanding physical features and no inland water. It is best-known geographical feature is its white-sand beaches, which is the base of an active Aruba tourism industry.

Aruba Location Information

It is considered to be one of the three ABC islands (together with Bonaire and Curacao). Aruba is the home to diverse birdlife and various species of lizards. Its waters are populated with assorted marine life, including several species of coral, tropical fish and sea turtles.

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