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Choose Your Activities in Antigua

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Antigua Excursions & Activities

Land and Sea Excursions

Land and sea excursions will provide you with plenteous activities in Antigua.

Enjoy a fun-filled day tour on land and under water. Get a whole new diving experience and know more about the marine life during your Antigua excursions. Swim with friendly stingrays in the sea! Also, go on land sightseeing tours to explore some of the best Antigua attractions and activities. Most of the Antigua all-inclusive resorts package includes these facilities where you can get it all under one deal.

Enjoy land and sea excursion that's plenty of fun and a lot more!


Step into an adventurous Safari and prepare yourself for an amazing tour of the island!

Experience the rugged wild countryside of the island. While riding through the forest areas, you will get to see local villages and witness the 'real Antigua' culture. There are small local huts with fresh produce fruits. Relax under coconut palms while enjoying a delicious local lunch and cold beverages; including fruit punch, soft drinks and so on.

Sailing Cruise

Pamper yourself with a majestic and indulging cruise sailing tour here.

You’re your own gala time sailing through the waves of the ocean. Relax on deck and be pampered by our friendly crew - as they set sail and leave all of the world's worries behind on their Antigua excursions. While gliding over the turquoise Caribbean waters, you will see palm fringed beaches, marine life, and neighboring islands.

Guatemala Cooking

Learn how to prepare some of Guatemala’s favorite dishes in a cooking class in Antigua.

Experience the unique flavors of Guatemalan cuisine as you prepare your own meal and dessert. Learn about the cultural influences of Guatemalan food from your professional chef, who will be there to offer helpful tips along the way. After your meal, take home printed recipes of the food you prepared so you can continue to make delicious Guatemalan dishes at home.